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The five tracks 'Diabas', this record DJ GILUKE, aims not only to disclose the new songs as well as presenting unprecedented something that goes beyond his djing.

WHY LISTEN: It's not every day that a deejay launches authorial music.

The sound Giluke is a New Wave, Synth features with Minimal, Post-Punk collage, where you hear the influence of early experimental DIY music of the 1980s.

"Preludio Frio" is a very postmodern stop. Almost indirectly a suggestion for the track Stranger Things, one of the most successful series from Netflix, full of pop culture references and plot breathtaking those fans connected in the relevant scientific fiction and horror scenario.

Tracks like "Missa Negra" and "No Escuro Da Boate Tem Basfond/In the Dark Of Night Club Has Basfond" show that this is a brilliant lyrical debut, which runs a self-discovery path, that is, music for dancing under the spell of instrumental amazement, after all, deejays do not sing but do dance. The EP also has the intensity of "Travlon" and powerful and yet romantic soundscapes of "Esto Escotado". From 2013 to 2015 the DJ GILUKE performed live in self-organized cinemas in community centers and festivals.

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